Why I think the iPhone 6s is the best Apple phone bargain

Lets face it…iPhones are expensive.  We are always tempted with the upgrades that come every year with the new iPhones.  In the last few years though not much has really changed with the exception of the iPhone X which I think is just a silly price.  The 6, 6s, 7 and the 8 all look similar.  I think the biggest feature set gain came moving from the iPhone 6 to the 6s.  That upgrade gave you 4k video, 3d touch AND it still had the headphone jack.  Sure, the 7 and 8 improve speed, camera quality (a little) but really not a lot of change.  The biggest upgrade to the 7 and 8 to me is the water resistance which could be a big deal to some.  So this brings us to price…I always consider the refurbished products from apple to be “like new” and I think they are the best buy.  Currently the iPhone 6s 128gb can be purchased for just $450.  Thats a deal considering most Android phones in that price range are considered mid-tier phones and the iPhone 7 with the same memory is $200 more and its only available as new purchase!  Lets not even get … Continue reading

Use a projector with Sonos Play bar and Surround

When I first learned about the Sonos Playbar and its ability to connect with other speakers to create a surround sound system I was pretty excited.  I discovered however that the only means of input for sound to the Playbar was via an optical cable.  That means that the Playbar can only be connected to a more modern TV, not older TV’s and Projectors that typically don’t have this type of output.  Or does it…? I did a little research, forum reading and called Sonos support and found out that others were having luck with HDMI switches.  This is how it works and you may need to glance up at the diagram as I explain.  Since the projector I have doesn’t have optical out, I would need a device that could supply a video signal to the projector and audio signal to the Playbar (optical) and the signals need to travel on separate wires.  So the J-Tech switch has just that ability.  It allows up to 5 HDMI sources to be connected which was more than enough for my needs.  From there it takes the incoming signal and pulls the audio off and sends it back out with the optical … Continue reading


In search of a Starbucks this morning I passed by a Panera Bread and decided to go there instead.  I just wanted a cup of coffee.  (Duh, like I needed to clarify that) The line was long but I noticed a small table with a couple computer screens and some coffee mugs.  It was the new Panera Kiosk system.      No one was using them.  Stepped up the the screen, plugged in my order, grabbed a mug and I was done.  All the other tech averse people were still in line while I was halfway through my cup.  If you haven’t tried it yet check it out.  It’s very easy and intuitive.  I’m not sure how long they have been doing this but I like it!   

What Does 100 Calories Look Like?

Start of a new workout that has a strict eating plan that consists of portions of 100 and 200 calories.  This guide helped me get a visual on exactly how much that is… Check it out!Think you can eyeball a 100-calorie serving of food? Practice perfect portion control with these helpful pictures.     GO SEE THE PORTIONS HERE… What Does 100 Calories Look Like?      

Have you ever wondered why your old iPod Video 5g or 5.5g sounds so much better than your iPhone for audio?

The older iPod video 5G and 5.5G have superior audio to the devices that came after them.  The original iPod video used Wolfson audio chips for processing.  These chips deliver a much better audio experience and you can really tell!  Check out this article to get a rundown on the various models. Source: Which iPod has the best quality audio? – Macintosh How To

Apple Music On Sonos | Sonos

Enjoy Apple Music on your Sonos speakers. Stream music selected from over 30 million tracks by artists, deejays and Apple Music experts.  If you have already read my blog post about Sonos (click here to read) then you know I am a fan.  One of the things that make Sonos so good as a music player is the amount of applications that it uses to bring the music to you.  Just announced is the beta version Apple Music that is now available on your Sonos device.  For those of you who said “no” to Sonos because Apple Music was not available…well you are running out of excuses. Source: Apple Music On Sonos | Sonos Take a look at the Sonos offerings.

“Man Gift!” BenQ W1070

All guys like big screens!  The BenQ w1070 may just be the perfect Christmas gift for your man this year.  It features 1080p HD, 2000 lumens (bright) and its 3D!(glasses not included)…all for under $700!  The perfect gift and it will keep him busy putting together the home theater over the holiday break.  It is a discontinued model but there seems to still be plenty of stock available.  Check out the link to B&H Below for pricing an specs.  Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend the ladies with “man gift”  but my blog IS called “your typical guy”. I own one myself so I promise its great! B&H Photo BenQ 1070

Panasonic Lumix G7 Mirrorless Camera Review

If your looking for a new camera that won’t break the bank…The G7 just might be the perfect choice. Read Entire Article at VideoMaker’s blog site: Panasonic Lumix G7 Mirrorless Camera Review The Lumix G7 may be the first 4K camcorder you consider that makes you plan a vacation just to use its features. At about a pound and the size of a pregnant Smartphone, it’s one of the most capable budget cameras we’ve reviewed. Currently on Sale at B&H Photo for $597 and that includes a FREE Rode Video Mic Go valued at $99!  

Review: Keeper password manager is powerful and simple, but pricey | Macworld

Both my Father and Friend have been hacked this week.  Passwords may not have been the problem but keeping your information safe is always a good idea.  I use keeper to produce my secure passwords and it minimizes my need to remember so many.  If not this applictation then you should be considering something to help secure your sensitive sites. -JOE- Keeper helps you keep your logins safe from prying eyes with a simple and effective user interface that works across just about any platform you can thing of. Unfortunately, syncing — a feature that just about everyone needs these days — comes at a steep price. Source: Review: Keeper password manager is powerful and simple, but pricey | Macworld

Amelia Schmidt

Two years ago an MRI changed a little girls life forever.  Amelia Schmidt discovered that she had a brain tumor and later that it was a rare form of cancer.  I created this video for the family, their friends and all that were involved to remember the battles, devastating blows and victories along the way.  It’s only a glimpse of the actual reality that Amelia and her family faced but if you have 15 minutes to watch,  its worth it.  It makes your worries in your life seem small.