I started this blog as a creative outlet.  My name is Joe Simpson.  I am your average 44 year old guy with a lovely wife and 4 children.  Over the past 15-20 years I have taken on quite an array of Hobbies and Interests.  These hobbies range from Videography, Photography, Cooking, Construction, Household repair, Boating, Computer Hardware, Networking, Media Devices, etc.  You name it…I am interested in it!  My wife always says “Joe, When you are into something, you are INTO it!”.  When I take on a new hobby I am very intense.  Sometimes these hobbies come and go quickly.  What I have noticed is that many of these interests resurface over time.  I seem to cycle through them throughout the year.  I wouldn’t claim to be an absolute expert in any field.  I think no matter how good one can be at something there is always someone better.  I will give myself credit for the time, research and trial and error that I have invested.  I have noticed that many of my friends and family members come to me with questions about my interests.   While making purchases or working on projects, they often ask for my advice on subjects they feel I may know something about.

My journey with this blog is to share as much of my information that I can with anyone who is interested.  With no guarantees on content, I will say as readers make requests I will gear my topics accordingly.  I want to start the blog with some of my favorite interests.  If there happens to be something you want to learn or topics you want to explore then I will do all that I can to help.  In the future I hope to add videos and a podcast to help better deliver my content to you.  This will not only help with my content delivery but tie in to some of my interests as well.

Actually, blogging is one of my latest interests.  Owning my own company, there is one area I have greatly neglected…my own company website.  My website reads like a three leaf pamphlet.  Boring!  That is something that I plan to fix.  I have many ideas but need to work it out and will do so right in front of you on this blog.  I want to introduce more organic and interactive content (videos, photos) as well as add links and resources that will help those who visit my site and my customers.

I hope while I share my passions and learn about new ones we can do it together and have some fun.

Any advice or suggestions? Lets hear them. Thanks!