Bosch DLR130 – Laser Guided Measurements

The Bosch DLR130 is a unique measuring tool. It measures using a laser pointer and it is very accurate. For as long as I have been in the contracting business I have used a tape measure for my estimating and field work. Well, things have changed a bit and I must say for the better. The DLR130 enables me to effortlessly walk a room and obtain just about any dimension I need. It can measure a straight line, area of walls (length x width) and volume of rooms too (length x width x height). Just choose to the type of measurement, put the red laser on the target and push the button. Once the red laser dot shows up it gives you a dimension right away. I have tested this at close range and it is accurate to within about a 1/16 of an inch. I have also measured items as far as 150 feet away although I cannot vouch for absolute accuracy at that distance.

Walking around the room playing and measuring the distance from me to my children (cautious not to shine it in their eyes) a lightbulb went off. This is not only a good tool for construction and estimating but perfect for a video or movie set. You can shoot a distance for just about any object and determine focal lengths and subject distances in a flash. The possibilities are endless.

The DLR130 has several memory buttons enabling you to add up distances or keep critical measurements to use for other calculations. I have included the DLR130 user manual for more details and information.

The DLR130 is priced at $79 and for my line of work its an easy choice to buy one of these. It makes the estimating and overall sales process so much smoother without the noise and hassle of a steel tape. The next time I shoot a Wedding or a video event I will take the DLR130 with me so I can nail down those tricky distances and depth of field calculations I always struggle with. Once you have one of these you won’t regret it.

Your can buy one here. Bosch DLR130K Digital Distance Measurer Kit

Bosch DLR130

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