Set an auto notification for a Craigslist Search

Ever heard of IFTTT?  Me either until I attended a network seminar at a local real estate office back in October.  The presenter told us about IFTTT (if then then that) website that allows you to make an automated trigger with two programs or resources either on your computer or iPhone, iPad etc.  At first I didn’t give it much thought thinking it was just a gadget or possibly a network privacy concern but after looking again I found something I really liked.

I often look for used products on craigslist.  First off let me say…craigslist is not for everyone.  It can be time consuming, fruitless and sometimes dangerous to use craigslist (creepy people) but those who do use it know it can be a great way to get used products for a killer price, sometimes even free.

The problem is having to constantly sift through the listings trying to find the perfect item before the next guy buys it before you.  I just don’t have time.  In comes IFTTT to the rescue.  With IFTTT you can trigger a specific craigslist search to send you an email each time a new item is listed that fits that search.  Let me break it down…example, lets say you are looking for a Mac Mini and specifically a 2012 model.  You can go to IFTTT and say “if” a mac mini 2012 is listed on craigslist “then” email me (any email that you specify).  That way you get an occasional “ding” throughout the day in your mail box, you take a look, if the ad looks good follow up, if not delete.  No more craigslist searching day after day.

Let me show you how…Go to

On this page type in craigslist and search

Go to ifttt and search craigs list


Then Choose the recipe by mckenziec as shown below

Go to ifttt and search craigs list 2


Now set up your search criteria by clicking SEARCH URL

Go to this Recipe and enter a search peramiter


That will take you to the craigslist page.  Make sure you are in your area or city and type in the search (for my example “mac mini 2012”) and hit search.  Once the page loads you copy the page address at the top of your browser.

Create a Search for Craigslist and Copy the link


Now back on the recipe page enter that URL or paste it like this…

Paste your shirt Here


Then click USE RECIPE.  That should be it.  Now any time anyone adds a “mac mini 2012” listing you will be notified via email.  Once the Recipe is created you can check it by clicking the “CHECK” button to make sure it works and all the components are “talking” to one another.  You can go back and change, disable or delete this at anytime too.

This is just one way to use ifttt…enjoy.

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